Car Transport Companies Tips

Below are some mission-critical topics that can save you a ton of aggravation and that should absolutely not be overlooked prior to making a final decision about which car transport company you should trust with your money and your car.

Always confirm the company is registered under the USDOT (United States Department of Transportation). Most transport companies should have this displayed prominently on their site or in their offices. If not you should seek an alternative service.

Be certain that the rate you are paying for transporting your car includes insurance for the vehicle. If not, you should always contact your own insurance company to see what would be the best solution to guarantee your car is covered in the event something should go wrong.

Initial payment is commonly asked for upfront so it is essential that you request their services in writing so that there is no possibility of confusion or hidden details such as additional fees that were not discussed prior to hiring whatever transport service you go with.

It would be beneficial to make sure there is a cancellation clause in the contract. As per the clause, if for any reason the car transport company fails to render their end of the contract, you can ask them for a full refund.
Before loading your car on the carrier never forget to inspect your vehicle for every existing chip in the paint, dents, dings, scratches, abrasion, or defects of the interior. Just like when you’re renting a vehicle, inspect the car thoroughly.
When unloading your car from the car carrier, inspect the vehicle once again accurately and if you observe any additional abrasions to your car that was not present at the time of loading – have them immediately added to the bill of lading certificate. In the event you need to require reimbursement from the company, this will assist as proof or evidence.

Always ask for and try and receive a daytime delivery. This is a significant plus when inspecting your vehicle after delivery. You’ll be able to notice any and all blemishes or defects that might have occurred during transportation much more easily in the daylight hours rather than the p.m. hours.

Car Transport Final Thoughts

These are just a few tips that should be addressed whenever hiring an auto transport companies service. However, there are many more factors you should consider. Price and positive customer reviews to name a few.

As well, there is a lot of research that has to go into hiring an auto transport company.

To lessen the burden and to shortcut the time it takes to find the best car transport company to suit your needs, there are websites like available online whose sole purpose is to research and find the most reputable companies within any geographical location.

As well, it’s a superb idea to use these types of services because besides getting quotes from 8 different car transport companies in roughly 30 seconds…You can compare prices, look at customer reviews, and find the best transport company within your particular location.

It turns a long and tedious chore into a quick and simple task when hiring a car transport service.